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“The agency is equipped with very good international contacts, establishes connections between partners in a strategic and financially viable way and works fast and efficiently even when faced with near-term projects on very short notice.”


New Zealand Venison

“We have been working together for many years. This has given our cooperation a stable basis of mutual trust which enables us to communicate without too many words: we know and understand each other. I admire the attention that Gourmet Connection gives even to what appear to be minor details.”


Michelin-starred chef Carmelo Greco

“What we appreciate most about the agency’s employees is their availability, high degree of self-initiative, competence in writing texts and self-dependent working style; in addition to this, the agency has first-rate connections within a variety of sectors.”



“The employees at Gourmet Connection do not merely know what they are doing, they are also persistent in their work and always think for themselves. In a time when it has become very common and popular to let others do the thinking, it is nice if there is somebody who always keeps my best interest in mind and sometimes dissuades me from following through on one of my ideas.”

“Gourmet Connection contributes significantly to increasing our visibility.”