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Jérôme Pourchère, Maître at GästeHaus Klaus Erfort, on the topic: what characterizes a good host and why does the service sector have such a negative image?

A good host respects his guests. This respect is the foundation for genuine friendliness and for an encounter that takes place at eye level. After all, a host may also expect respect from his guests. In addition to this, it takes a lot of passion for treating others to something good.

Service is a back-breaking job; there is nothing romantic or idealized about it, it is a very demanding profession. The motto “The customer is king” is still very present in the German understanding of service; however, it no longer represents the reality that guests and restaurant proprietors wish for. Today, service personnel should consider themselves hosts, not servants.

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Mario Lohninger, patron at Restaurant Lohninger in Frankfurt, on the topic: how good is airline catering?

I personally prefer to eat something tasty before the flight; then I board the airplane sated and satisfied and can just sit back and relax. Maybe it is because I am a fanatic when it comes to freshness that I like to distance myself from packaged, refrigerated and reheated food. I do not want to demonize airline catering as generally bad or of poor quality. I have no objections to serving snacks like sandwiches that can be prepared easily and stay fresh for some time.

As a small boy, it was the greatest treat for me when ice-cold Coca Cola was being served on board. Today it is almost impossible to offer such small highlights to the passengers. It is definitely a big challenge and no easy task to provide food for thousands of passengers every day and on top of that even spark culinary excitement. That is why I treasure the luxury of being able to give complete expression to my creativity at my own restaurant on the ground.

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