Challenges in the digital world

Social networks, blogs, podcasts, microsites and online forums are essential channels for brand positioning. Together, we build your brand for the long term, generate content that is relevant to your target groups and ensure the dialogue with your clients.

In the digital age, the customer’s needs have changed. In today’s world, you can’t win them over with simple advertising messages – at least it’s not enough anymore. As a specialized PR agency, we support you in all areas of digital communication, from content creation and community management to the planning and implementation of extensive campaigns.

The customer’s expectations of a company have increased because….

  • they want to be informed.
  • they want to be entertained.
  • they want to be seen as an equal partner in the buying process.
  • they want to know more about a product’s or service’s background.

These factors build trust in a company and its product or service.


Relevant content

We help you build this trust within your target group through our experience and relevant content. This is how you acquire new customers and keep long-term partners.


Exciting storytelling

As a specialized PR agency, we ensure exciting storytelling around your company or product and make your company’s key messages stick.


PR agency with digital expertise

The digital world is big and full of information, while at the same time it offers unprecedented opportunities for tailored targeting – from age, place of residence, profession, academic degree and relationship status to interests and hobbies. With various forms of online and social media advertising, you can reach your target group more precisely than ever before. As a specialized PR agency, we work with social advertising, A/B testing, tracking, geo focus, performance marketing and other optimization options in order to provide you with almost scatter-free communication.

We help you achieve the following goals or target clusters:

  • Increase relevant numbers such as likes, leads, fans, followers and clicks
  • Generate conversions
  • Increase website traffic
  • Collect new customer insights

We advise you on the following questions, among others:

  • Which strategies and what kinds of communication help achieve your goals?
  • How can we reach the best possible outcome?
  • Which of the following digital advertising measures are most interesting for you: social media marketing, in-stream video ads, banners or affiliate marketing?
  • What kind of results can be reached with your budget and customized planning?


Our PR agency’s services

The future of communication is digital. That’s something you already know and now you want to professionally use or further expand the opportunities that this type of communication offers your company?

As a specialized PR agency with digital expertise, we can provide professional support with…

  • content for your newsletter, corporate blog, website or online magazine
  • setup of your Facebook or Instagram page, a Pinterest or YouTube channel
  • successful topic plans, targeted content and tailor-made campaigns
  • continuous page maintenance
  • advice on a sensible response mechanism in social networks (timely response system, automated feedback, etc.)
  • digital storytelling
  • social media monitoring (competitor analysis, trend analysis, etc.)
  • crisis management, advice on dealing with trolls, small shitstorms, etc.


Blogger and influencer relations

The presence of bloggers or influencers has not only increased in recent years, they are also seen as an important source of information, just like classic media. A different consumer behavior is also changing how a product or company reaches their target groups and how they emotionally connect with them.

Gourmet Connection discovered this early on and has been using blogger relations as a strong tool ever since. That’s why the community perceives us as a popular and trustworthy partner.

What is important to us as a PR agency when working with bloggers and influencers?

  • Authenticity: To ensure that your product is presented in a credible way, we work with partners who are reliable and completely stand behind the producers they cooperate with.
  • Reach: Numbers are important – but only to a certain extent. If the blogger or influencer doesn’t identify with your brand, he or she will not create an emotional experience and the message will not come across in a credible way.
  • Strategy: aimlessly cooperating with influencers is not a successful recipe for your marketing mix, and at best it’s just not harmful. We plan and manage your collaborations and partnerships with heart and soul – always easy for you to understand.


Our services

  • Individual promotions and campaigns
  • Cooperation with well-fitting partners
  • Events and trips specifically customized for bloggers and influencers
  • Networking events in cooperation with individual bloggers
  • Product tests and raffles

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