Dark Horse

Case Study Special Event


A “dark horse” is a surprise winner, and Californian winemaker Beth Liston sends wines under the same name into the race. And rightly so: what comes out of her cellar is typically Californian, yet unusual and surprising.



Beth is as unconventional as her wines, for instance, she’s tattooed all over, and we wanted to reflect this spirit during her first visit to Germany. Instead of inviting journalists and bloggers to a seated dinner at a restaurant, the presentation of the new Dark Horse Merlot took place at a tattoo parlor. In keeping with the motto “Tattoo your own Wine”, each participant could have his or her individual leather bottleneck tattooed.



  • Introduction of the new Dark Horse Merlot variety to journalists and bloggers along with the established product range
  • Creation of an extraordinary setting which reflects the products’ special character



  • Development of a concept and planning: which setup fits the unconventional winemaker and products?
  • Development of a Californian food concept matching the wines and fine-tuning with the caterer
  • Detailed coordination with the tattoo parlor
  • Rearrangement of the studio for the event (bar tables, seating etc.)
  • Logistics for the participants’ individual leather bottleneck tattoos
  • Customized invitation of food and wine journalists and food, wine and lifestyle bloggers
  • Support on-site
  • Personal follow-up after the event and outcome control
  • Dark Horse
  • ???
  • 27. October 2020

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