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Ever since 1838, Geldermann has been standing for German sparkling wine culture with French heritage and traditional bottle fermentation. Premium sparkling wines for upscale gastronomy, special vintage sparkling wines and special editions such as the Édition Musique are stored in the vast cellars beneath the Breisacher Schlossberg.



Over a time period of several years and under the concept “L’Édition Culturelle”, Geldermann combines a cuvée selected by Chef de Cave Marc Gauchey with different facets of culture. The first sparkling wine from this range was L’Édition Musique, for which jazz trumpeter Nils Wülker translated the Édition Musique No. 1 – Composition de Jazz into the specially composed musical piece “Perlage”. The special edition was launched in a limited edition with 6.000 bottles. In the second year, the project is continued with “Composition de Swing”, which has Geldermann and Belgian band Boogie Belgique heading into a completely new direction.



  • Creation of a premium product with an exclusive character for discerning sparkling wine lovers
  • Setup of an extraordinary framework to highlight the product’s special character
  • Positioning of Geldermann as an innovative business
  • Showcasing the sparkling wines’ versatility and their connection to culture



  • Concept development and planning: Which artists are perfect fits with Geldermann? What’s the frame in which the editions will be introduced?
  • Organization and support of the creative exchange between artists and Marc Gauchey on-site
  • Communication of the Éditions Musique No.1 and No.2 in classic press work and extensive interviews
  • Approach of new media areas in order to generate attention across industries
    Conception of a series of events and blogger collaborations
  • Customized invitation of food, wine and lifestyle bloggers as well as journalists to exclusive launch events in several German media cities
  • Personal follow-up after the events and outcome control
  • Involvement of consumers through wide-reach raffles for exclusive concert tickets
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  • 27. October 2020

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