New Zealand Venison

Case Study Ambassador Program


Natural, tender and lean – that’s premium venison from New Zealand. The animals graze on wide green pastures, drink pure water and breathe the clean air. Their meat sets itself apart through its characteristically mild taste and low fat and cholesterol levels.



Due to the long-term partnership program initiated by Gourmet Connection, each year German Michelin star and lifestyle chefs get introduced to New Zealand Venison and bound to the product. This is achieved through the integration into various initiatives and events. In 2012, for instance, the first eight ambassador chefs were presented in an exclusive cookbook. Additionally, they frequently receive New Zealand Venison to put on their menus as well as a chef’s jacket designed according to personal wishes.



  • Long-term relationships with prestigious chefs 
  • Active integration of New Zealand Venison into menus 
  • Strengthening of the premium product’s public perception 


Implementation campaign

  • Concept development and acquisition of ambassadors
  • Constant contact with the chefs and communication of experiences with the product
  • Compilation and processing of the recipes provided by ambassadors
  • Organization of the photographer and support during the photo shootings in the partner chefs’ restaurants 
  • Complete handling of the exclusive cookbook project “Modern Game Cuisine – Cooking with New Zealand Venison”, of which all eight ambassadors of 2012 are a part
  • Organization of regular meat deliveries to the chefs as part of the cooperation 
  • Detailed coordination for the production of branded and individually designed chef’s jackets for every ambassador
  • Organization of exclusive press and customer events with the involvement of the partner chefs



  • In 2012 alone, Gourmet Connection successfully won eight ambassadors in several German cities for the program
  • By working with the product, the chefs experienced the product’s high quality and prejudices against it were broken down 
  • Gourmet Connection has built a pool of over 50 recipes and numerous statements, which find use in image and recipe leaflets and as part of our PR work 
  • The chefs work with the branded chef’s jackets and thereby strengthen the brand’s image and awareness 
  • The integration on the partner chefs’ menus and the explicit declaration as New Zealand Venison familiarizes consumers and by that potential customers with the product
  • As part of the cooperation, New Zealand Venison holds several press events at exclusive locations in the most important German cities, at very fair conditions
  • Thanks to mutual linking of the partners with the New Zealand Venison website or Facebook, the product’s online presence has been strengthened
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