A fresh perspective can make a big difference, whether it’s a complete strategic reorientation or an alignment of a specific individual process. We want you to remain true to yourself despite all change. That’s why we focus on your company DNA.


Sparring partner for your strategy

You know your company inside out. If you want to change something, a different perspective can provide you with valuable input. As a marketing agency, we are at your side and help you develop all the relevant steps in order to implement your new strategy. It makes no difference to us whether you are rethinking your entire company’s direction or looking for a way to address a new target group.

It’s important to us that you remain true to yourself despite all changes. That’s why, when advising companies that want to reposition themselves strategically, we focus on sustainable processes. Together, we create stable, organically grown structures.


Professional strategic support

We advise you in the following areas:

  • Strategic positioning (market position, potentials, SWOT analysis)
  • Change Management (generation change, loss of key employees, strategic realignment)
  • Digital transgression (opportunities and potentials of digitalization)
  • Brand DNA (key competencies, focus, further development options, communication)
  • Trend scouting (latest developments, adaptation possibilities)
  • Competitions and rankings (overview, participation requirements)
  • Guest relations (optimization, use of customer data, mystery shopping)
  • Customer touchpoint management (examination of all interfaces)


Brand strategies strengthened by PR

You don’t have to restructure your entire company in order to be able to take advantage of a specialized PR agency’s consulting services. We also offer support when it comes to individual strategic considerations regarding target groups, digital measures or marketing concepts.

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