LinkedIn as a marketing tool: Five useful tips

LinkedIn Als Marketingtool

Which LinkedIn tools are essential for F&B and lifestyle PR strategies? We offer five tips for a successful presence on LinkedIn.

With over 645 million users, LinkedIn currently is the largest business network worldwide. No wonder that recruiters like to use the social media channel to search for specialists and managers. Companies also use the platform as a marketing tool and to network in the B2B and B2C areas. Over 30 million companies worldwide are currently registered on LinkedIn. We show why we as a food, wine, lifestyle and travel PR agency find it important to maintain a presence on LinkedIn and give insights into how companies can successfully integrate the network into their communication strategies.


Why is LinkedIn important?

According to a survey from October 2020 concerning the most-used social media channels for B2B communication, LinkedIn is way ahead in first place. About 80 percent of the 701 participating companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland state that they regularly use the business network. Users primarily take to LinkedIn to publish professional articles and live streams, or to network with relevant stakeholders. LinkedIn itself reports that users are most notably interested in content concerning occupational topics, best practices, leadership and management tips. For us as an agency, this is as important for social media and digital marketing as it is for food & beverage, lifestyle and travel PR.


How do companies use LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

In order to incorporate the social media network into their communication strategies, companies need to ask themselves first for what purpose and for which target group they want to use Should a presence promote food or lifestyle PR for one’s own brand? Do companies want to establish long-term contact with customers and like-minded people? Do they need LinkedIn to support social selling and social advertising? Once these questions are resolved, companies can develop a tailor-made strategy for their target audience. We give five practical tips for successful use of LinkedIn:


1. Share the right content

Unfortunately, being active is not enough. The content companies share also must be relevant to their target group. Therefore, companies need to make sure their posts are consistent and rich in variety. There is generally no right or wrong, content ranges from press releases, interviews, marketing campaigns, product launches or press events to shared posts from corporate blogs or industry-relevant opinion leaders. As long as the content is relevant for the target group and followers, anything goes in food and lifestyle communication.


2. Generate more leads

LinkedIn has a high potential to generate leads, especially in the B2B area. Compared to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, LinkedIn has a high visitor-to-lead conversion rate. Therefore, F&B, travel and lifestyle companies should definitely interact with their profile visitors. With an integrated CTA (call to action) button, companies can direct visitors to their website or offer them their newsletter.


3. Position oneself as an expert

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media channels to communicate B2B content. Users can join industry-related groups and interact with opinion leaders and key personalities. For example, if an F&B company is the leading expert in the market, they can share important content that offers added value for other companies.


4. Keep an eye on the competition

The omnipresent network is also suitable for competitive analyses. With the LinkedIn Demographics function, companies can’t only find out who they can reach with their content. It’s also possible to check other companies’ online presence and compare one’s own job title, industry, job seniority and job function information to theirs.


5. Pay attention to the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn Analytics provides companies with information on their posting frequency and timing. Seeing as higher interaction rates automatically generate more authenticity and higher visibility, this is a very relevant function. The tool offers analytics for whole company profiles and therefore provides a valuable foundation for the development of further marketing strategies.


Why do PR agencies need a LinkedIn profile?

In the classic media landscape, B2B communication comprises the publication of specialist articles, interviews, press releases or advertorials. These forms of communication can be easily conveyed via LinkedIn. Through networking LinkedIn ensures that one’s own content is distributed on a much larger scale, making it easier to reach one’s expert audience target group. This is an important factor for our work in food & beverage and lifestyle PR.


LinkedIn as part of the marketing concept

The LinkedIn network is for everybody, be it agency, company or industry expert. It’s definitely worth the time and effort to create a company profile. With the right PR and marketing concepts and corresponding brand positioning, companies can reach an even larger target group via the professional network and thus ensure a successful communication strategy.

As professionals in content marketing and social media management for food, lifestyle and travel PR, we offer our clients strategic counseling for successful online communication. Of course, we also include important social media platforms such as LinkedIn and help maintain online relations.

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