How good case studies make F&B PR tangible

Why are case studies important for PR?

As a F&B PR agency specializing in food PR, travel PR, hotel PR and lifestyle PR, we use case studies to provide an insight into our work. 

Case studies are an integral part of PR work, also for us. They describe a typical individual case from corporate practice and are an important component in client acquisition. Using practical examples, we present both our marketing and communications agency and our services in a representative manner. This way, we show potential clients the kind of projects we already successfully implemented. The projects may showcase classic communication, brand positioning, press trips, events or sample packages to bloggers and influencers.  

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Why are good case studies important for F&B agencies? 

In the PR industry, the services provided by food & beverage agencies are often very diverse and therefore best communicated using specific examples. We use meaningful case studies to present a campaign in a particularly vivid way and thus help potential new clients to choose the right agency. In doing so, we don’t merely describe our F&B PR agency’s services, but also specific possibilities regarding marketing concepts, content development, social media or influencer relations. 

Our food PR agency comes alive 

We want to convince people not only with words, but with deeds! Before a client decides on a partner, they look at the range of services. The best evidence of a PR service’s benefit is always a detailed look at the practical application in the corporate environment, ideally even in the same industry. As a PR agency for F&B, tourism and lifestyle, we offer our clients support with campaigns, sponsorings or product launches, but also classic communication such as media cooperation opportunities. Our case studies help potential new clients in making their decision as they see how we approach activities. Therefore, they can benefit from other clients’ positive experiences. 

The structure 

A good case study makes use of storytelling. As a PR agency, we structure our case studies according to the following four steps:  

Step 1: The reference company 

To help potential new clients identify with the case study, we begin by briefly describing the company and its product, such as our long-term client Geldermann. Here’s what we show in a case study: since when have we been working together? Which products in the food, beverage, kitchen equipment or lifestyle sectors does the company offer? And what are their distinguishing features?   

Step 2: The F&B agency’s services 

In the case study’s next step we describe our services. Is it a full-service project or did we implement a single campaign, for example organizing a cooking competition or a press trip? In the case of our Geldermann case study, we developed and planned activities around their special edition “L’Édition Culturelle”. 

Step 3: The common goal 

In this part we describe the campaign’s goals. They may range from brand positioning, increasing awareness through classic communication channels to creating an extraordinary setting that underlines a product’s special features or innovative factor, as is the case with Geldermann. 

Step 4: The specific implementation 

Finally, we describe the concrete steps we took in order to implement the campaign. Most times they cover all of the campaign’s stages from initial planning and concept development to follow-up and outcome controlling. In the end, there is the reporting of relevant KPIs. 

Finding the right PR agency 

“By using case studies, potential new clients get an idea of our activities as a PR agency. We offer numerous different communication solutions for hotel PR, food and beverage PR or lifestyle PR, and through this type of presentation we want to arouse curiosity”, explains Susanne Drexler, Gourmet Connection’s, Prime Connection’s and Click Connection’s founder and owner. Our PR agency’s case studies can be found here. 

If you are looking for an experienced PR agency with a focus on food PR, travel PR, hotel PR or lifestyle PR, contact us by email or simply give us a call. 

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