Why are pictures important for successful PR work?

Pictures PR

What’s important when it comes to visual content such as press pictures in the context of F&B, lifestyle and travel PR?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” There is a lot of truth behind this well-known metaphor. People like to be guided by visual impressions and always focus their primary attention on pictures instead of texts. For us as an agency for food PR, lifestyle PR and travel PR, this insight is very helpful. We know that a good selection of visual material is essential for professional and creative press and public relations. In order to convince with exciting storytelling on a visual level and to attract interest with target group specific content, some basic facts have to be taken into account in image PR.

A real eye catcher: images in press releases

Journalists and editors are overwhelmed with press releases every day. In order to stand out from the crowd and not be drowned in the flood of information when sending out a press release, the first few seconds already decide whether the release is interesting and worth reading. Pictures provide an excellent opportunity to catch the readers’ attention and make the text come alive. This is especially important for products like wine or food.

This form of multimedia communication should be standard in the digital age. We know: press releases must convince with appealing visual material.

The phenomenon of visual language

The growing success of the social media platform Instagram shows that images are becoming more and more important on all levels. In the context of PR work, Instagram now also represents a central starting point for content marketing, influencer relations and storytelling. Since the focus is clearly on images and the connected visual language, the foundation for visual storytelling has already been laid. However, depending on the medium and target group, the photographic content must be laid out in an attractive way and embedded suitably. When we cooperate with influencers, we always make sure that the respective products are being presented authentically. Especially in the area of consumer product PR, images have to create the impulse to buy and awaken a desire for more.

This also applies to media cooperation activities in the food and beverage industry. A current example of this is the collaboration between our client Elfhundertzwölf and Foodboom. As part of the campaign, Foodboom combined wines from Elfhundertzwölf wish dishes typical of the regional cusine of Baden. In this case it was important that the pictures’ and videos’ style was clearly defined. Using a style guide ensures a stringency that fits the individual line and our client’s campaign setup.

PR consultants should always mention the relevant image credits in a press release or during active placement inprint and online media. If photos or graphics are offered for download, it is recommended that the credits are also given in the file name. If you want to be on the safe side, store the copyright information in the image’s metadata using IPTC standard.

Rules for successful cooperation with photographers

Whether for press trips, blogger events or specific content development: as a F&B PR agency specialized in high-quality products from the lifestyle, hotel, trade and tourism industries, the ideal positioning of products in the media is very important. F&B PR images must be authentic, creative and at the same time technically perfect. If the client explicitly wants content development from us, a good photographer is worth his weight in gold. To ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly and all parties achieve the desired results, the following points must be taken into consideration.

Accurate briefing for photographers

A clear and individual agreement is essential. The results of (cross-)media campaigns are only as good as their briefings. Goals, expectations and style guidelines should be clearly communicated in advance. It is always easier to thoroughly clarify the image composition with all involved parties in advance than to retouch or even photoshop images afterwards.

Being present during the shooting

This is another important point for us. We do not rely solely on a thorough briefing, but are present at photo shootings for upcoming food, beverage or lifestyle campaigns in order to provide guidance as needed. Also we’ve learned time and again that the best and most creative image ideas arise spontaneously. This way, the pictures do not appear cramped and posed, but natural and authentic. Pictures that are too commercial have no place in successful press work.

Summary for the integration of pictures in the F&B PR work

Choosing the right photo material can be a key factor in the success of your press and public relations work (PR work). It also requires years of know-how, precision, a certain affinity and often more time than expected. If you are still unsure in this area, don’t hesitate and get help from experienced PR professionals. As an agency for food PR, travel PR and lifestyle PR, we offer our clients professional, customized and visually appealing content development for websites, newsletters, social media and other purposes. Get in touch with us!

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